Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Glyde and Eighty-Four

Happy 2nd Birthaversary Eighty-Four Glyde!

Way back in ye olden days of 2006, I decided to write a blog to impress a chick, (cause I was under the mistaken impression that I can be funny from time to time. Go figure!) Two years and 140-something entries later, we arrive at the second anniversary of Eighty-Four Glyde's birth. Last year I decided to explain just what the hell Eighty-Four Glyde means and the origins of my blog. This year, I decided to do one better and and actually take myself and all of you (all one of you) to the figurative birthplace of Eighty-Four Glyde. So, I grabbed a couple of friends, a few brews, a few video cameras and a whole mess of wackiness, jumped in a car and made the four-hour journey to those hidden towns in rural Pennsylvania.

These are the results of that journey. Enjoy!

Part 1: The journey begins. Glyde.

Part 2: Eighty-Four and an explosive ending

I hope you enjoyed that. I'd like to thank my boys John, Tres and Pat for coming out with me and getting on my last damn nerve, and John for doing a damn fine job for filming and editing. I'd also like to thank my readers for taking the time to read the weirdness that spews from my head. Without you guys (and gals) I'd just write directions translated from Chinese and Japanese.


Frankfurt Freddie said...

Yo dude!!!!

That was superb! Great way to celebrate the blog's 2nd Birthiversary. John did the damn thing...he's real good at video editing. And you're a VERY good host. This video does an excellent job of lending more credibility to your blog.

So wait, I thought you got to interview Joe Hardy's son or something? And that argument was SO how it goes down. But its all good. And local places, while they may be more "dirty" than chains, typically have better food and provide for a more authentic experience. Especially if you're doing a documentary on the city.

Anyways, will you still be doing the blog after leaving?

Anonymous said...

In the summertime you can glide over Glyde and Eighty Four at the Pittsburgh Soaring Club. If you had turned left at the sheep farm you passed in the video, you would have made it up to our little airport. I don't know what you were imagining when you imagined Glyde, but maybe reality was closer to your imagination than you knew---it's a funny coincidence but there is actual gliding going on.

Come back again some weekend in this summer and maybe you can take a ride...

PS, nice video.

Anonymous said...

LMAO... I was feeling a little nostalgic when I Googled 84 PA. I grew up in that town when there was 1 4-way stop sign and no stop lights, population ~2000. I walked those railroad tracks often, and really, there's nothing in those towns except homes, farms and... um... oh, yeah, the Spring House where I had my first ice cream cone for $0.55, rainbow sherbert. While there wasn't much to do in the way of... anything, the people were friendly.

Thanks for the video.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Being a resident of Eighty Four for the past 15 years, I believe you may have made our community more famous then the local dirty old man Joe Hardy (owner of 84 Lumber). Next time be sure to check out the Spring House or the Kamammer exit just before Eighty Four Glyde. The Carlton Hotel has a great breakfast, and when you're done you can take in some smut across the way at the roadside porn store :)

Joshua said...

THanks to everybody who left comments, (except for the first toolbag). I seem to have really struck a cord with PA locals. I'm glad you all read this in the vein that it was meant and didn't take offense. Thanks for reading and share the joy of 84 Glyde with your friends!

doug browm said...
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doug browm said...
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doug browm said...

Hot wheels rides again . Joshua. From big slim.