Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Story

What is the ultimate story? 

What is the one story that every single person in the world can relate to? No matter how rich. No matter how poor. No matter your race or your gender. What story is so universal that people don’t even bother saying “oh hey, I can relate to that!” they say “no shit, did you just figure this out?”


The pathos.

I mean, shit, you can’t even name a Disney movie that doesn’t have sadness. Comes with the 

What is it about people and sadness? What came first, being sad, or being told sad things are gonna happen to you?

I’ve been sad for a few years now. It doesn’t effect my humor, I’m hilarious regardless. But the lest three years, have kinda taken their toll. I try to not be emotional, but recently, I went full out and decided to be happy. It fell like Icarus with wax wings. So now I have a choice: try again and let emotions dictate my actions, like a rom-com dude running through an airport, or seal them back up, let them dry up and evaporate? I’m leaning toward the second one. People are jerks. Just ask Steve Martin.

I’m trying to come up with a joke here. But that seems like I’d just be forcing it. I’ll just let the joke juice flow as it always does. Often on motel sheets and walls.

The frustrating part? People want to help. They want to make things better. And that’s not bad! But life isn’t an episode of Full House. You can’t solve problems with an ice cream cone after 22 minutes or whatever. I’m always appreciative of people looking out for me, that’s how human beings work. My last girlfriend helped me through some rough shit. But good intentions aren’t enough to fix a broken person.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not emo or The Crow or whatever. Just a dude. Just an awesome dude with biceps as swole as his brain, (wait, is that a good thing?). Anywho, just trying to express myself the best way I know how. I likes dem words.

P.S. I blame John for all this damn Kurt Cobain shit the last few months. Listen to Rafi or some shit!

P.P.S. Sorry for the short entry. I kinda ran out out steam halfway through. Those damn ninjas made me exhausted!

P.P.P.S. Oh! Cookies and cream! I'f you're offering!

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Sincerely, S. Dope said...

“...I’m not emo or The crow...” lol funny stuff.