Monday, January 22, 2007

The First birthday of Eighty-Four Glyde is at hand

For all two of you how might have noticed, (that's a lie, nobody noticed) there were no Eighty-Four Glyde entries last week. I didn't quit, I was just taking a break (i.e. I wasn't properly inspired. Either I had no ideas of things to write about or I didn't feel the desire to hear the clickity-clack of the keyboard while typing things out) which will end on Wednesday. Why you ask?
Because January 24 will be the first birthday of Eighty-Four Glyde! It's gonna be a party and everybody is invited!
Ever wondered what Eighty-Four Glyde means? Ever wondered how I get the ideas to write the shit I do? Ever wondered which came first, the chicken or the egg? (it was the egg by the way) Well, all those questions and more will be answered Wednesday with my special birthday entry. Everything you've ever wanted to know about Eighty-Four Glyde (and oodles of shit you never wanted to know) will be learned on that day. I will also recognize all of my January subscribers and even the very first person to subscribe to my blog.
So come one, come all and attend the one-year birthday of everybody's favorite time-waster: Eighty-Four Glyde!
Join me, won't you? I promise not to bite, (but I don't promise not to hump your leg uncontrollably.)

p.s. I'll also finally get around to changing that whack-ass profile picture. Too many people still think that I'm stuck in Iraq. Besides, since I'm not in the army anymore I think my picture should reflect that.

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