Sunday, October 08, 2006

Win some free shit from me for once!

Win some free shit from me for once!
Eighty-Four Glyde is going big time everybody, and to do that I need to do a little remodeling, so it's contest time!

Design a new and completely kick ass banner for me to put on Eighty-Four Glyde. Make it sweet, make it big, make it eye catching. Extra points if you somehow manage to fit in some kung-fu and maybe a titty or two.

The winner will receive a free Eighty-Four Glyde t-shirt, (which is also very kick ass, if I may mention) and the Galapagos island of their choice!

Second and third place will get t-shirts as well and will fill in for the roll of first place should the winner be unable to fulfill their duties.

Conestants should send me a message. Hook that shit up!

In case of no winner (or, heaven forbid, no conestants) then I'll just come up with something on my own. But I warn you, it'll probably be hideous.

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