Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Do I Begin?

Read to started and end the to it flipped and beginning the skipped ,book a up picked ,chair beloved his in down sat He .hobby favorite his in himself lose to decided Bob ,Dejected .tomorrow happened had just have will they if as actions future his of all remember could He .fail would try to going was he everything that knew he ,all After .surprised not but ,sad Bob made this All

“.condition peculiar your for seek you guidance spiritual the receive will you that think not do I” ,Gooby Yogi said “.Bob Sorry”

.sought he answers the obtain to unable was he ,day each rice of grain a but naught eating ,weeks three for head his on standing after even But .memory baffling his change to harmony cosmic and meditation use to attempted and Yogi famous world- a found Bob

.solemness knowledgeable of air an with said Brooks Dr. “,medicine Western of scope the beyond is This .Bob Sorry”

.it fix to how or ,memory Bob’s with wrong was what out figure to unable was doctor the ,tests exhaustive of weeks several after But .was he Puff Cocoa for cuckoo how just and muscle love his ,tract Intestinal Gastro- his ,waves brain his ,content alcohol blood- his ,heart rate his monitor to machines to Bob connected Brooks Dr. ,catheters and straps ,pads ,needles using ,machines of bunch a to Bob up hooked Brooks Dr. So

“.tests some run to need We .before this like anything seen never I’ve” ,Brooks Dr. said “,Bob case unique very a is This”

.stumped was doctor the but ,hospital famous world- a at doctor famous world- a to went Bob

.yet met hadn’t he people not ,acquaintances current his recall to wanted He .parties surprise ruining stop would thus and ,birthdays future of instead ,birthdays past like ,things remember could he that so fixed mind his get to tried (Bob was name whose) ,man old The

.appointments for early always was he because people annoyed it ,imagine can you As .yet happened hadn’t that things recalled constantly he but ,events past remember couldn’t He .forward of instead Backward .memory normal of opposite the worked memory his ,see You .problem curious a with man old an was there time a upon Once .sense make to story the for backwards this read to need you ,Firstly


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His rate heart?

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You're the only person to have noticed that. Congrats!