Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Introductions are in order

Greetings all, welcome to Eighty-Four Glyde's summer home. This is a blog I do on myspace, but I decided to increase the traffic, (gotta get that book deal son!) so I moved it here as well, though the orginal can still be seen on my page at http://www.myspace.com/claudiusmcflaudius. Just follow the link on the upper righthand side of the page.
Unlike other soldiers in Iraq, my blog has nothing to do with being a soldier in Iraq! (Shocking, I know). Nor is it just a recount of my feelings or events during the day. It is a humor column in internet form, (how 21st Century of me). Because it's the easiest way to get my stuff published, and let everybody enjoy my humor.
Oh, one last note. I'm transfering all the old columns first, so ignore the date it says I posted it, because all it would do is confuse you when you're reading about Groundhog Day in August, wondering why I chose that month to write about it. I didn't! I'm not that crazy.
Now, without further ado allow me to bring forth the funniest blog since Brittney Spears attempted to write down the thoughts in her empty little white-trash head! The most topically relevant blog since anything Jon Stewart writes! And the most important blog since The Diary of Anne Frank!
Let's just see how many people actually read this shit.

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Joshua said...

MySpace is dead you dummy. The first few years of this blog are so dated! What were you thinking with all those Tila Tequila jokes?